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Based out of Phoenix, Arizona and committed to the love of country music, Bobby Joe Bell has performed at all the top venues in Arizona. Bobby Joe and his band are gearing up for a national tour coming in 2023 bringing to the stage their passion and commitment to MUSIC! 


Bobby Joe has also opened for gold and platinum selling national acts touring across the United States over the past two decades and there is more touring on the way. With his original songs playing on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube and all major streaming platforms.

We hope you will take a moment to listen. 


BUT... Is this the REAL

Bobby Joe?


Why yes it is, but did you know that Bobby Joe and his crew also support 

(Autism Spectrum Disorder) ASD

 Bobby Joe experiences autism first hand as his 12 year old daughter is on the spectrum. He knows all too well the everyday struggle it is for children and adults alike who have ASD. 

 He has a personal heartfelt mission and commitment to ensure all autistic friendly communities are successful for years to come. 


With his released EP "Kickin It Country Style" And  Line Dancing 2021, Bobby Joe  has received rave reviews. With so many exciting elements happening in 2023 you should check out the new release "Love Without You"


Let's make a Difference!

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